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Cloud Hosting

Making the switch from traditional means of storage to cloud hosted storage can seem like a very daunting project, although it doesn't have to be. At Heiden Hosting, we take the time to walk you through the basics and support you every step of the way. It is our priority to make sure you understand exactly what is happening with your data and you with provide continual support. It is our mission to make the online storage of your business' data secure yet easy to access, cost effective, and easy to manage. With our personalized solutions, we ensure that you are taken care of, every step of the way. For more information, give Julie a call or email at 989.607.9108 or JHeiden@HeidenTech.com.

Overview of Services
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Cloud Hosting

Complete Hosting Solution Development and Design

Heiden Hosting utilizes a private server for each of our client's data to be housed on. Our clients then have their own server that only authorized users can access in our data center. This process allows superior security for your data. Heiden also maintains your server and continuous upkeep on the data center, protecting your data and saving you the upfront costs of purchasing the hardware.

Data Security Monitoring

Our data centers that host your servers, feature climate control, redundant power, internet connectivity, firewalls and a variety of other security features. In the event of a loss of data at the data center, your data will be streamed to another data center to insure continuity. You can reach the local data center and the additional locations through a Virtual Private Network Connection with two factor authentication. 

In addition to the variety of options we can build to fit your business' needs, there are different security products and email encryption tools we can utilize to safe guard your data. This helps securely share data across email and in storage with employees and other business associates. 

Tech Support

Along with our custom data hosting solutions, Heiden Hosting also ensures our clients will never be alone if they ever need help. Our 24/7 help desk is always there to help clients when they need it. Our phones are always answered by certified technicians and will help you every step of the way.